Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This is new to me.

Before Andrew Sullivan's Palin-induced freakout, I had never thought, nor had it ever occurred to me that certain (or ANY) parts of the gay male subculture had a deep-seated loathing for women and children. Since then, people online plus random non-political junkie coworkers (!) have told me that this is the case.

I have no idea whether that's true.

But I have to wonder every time I see Sullivan refer to Trig Palin as a prop. Whatever the circumstances, when you see a mother with her baby in her arms and that strikes you as odd, abnormal, improper, political, or calculating, there is something deeply wrong with you.

What else can explain it?


Sweating Through fog said...

I used to respect Andrew Sullivan, but no longer. His obsessive quest to ruin Sarah Palin puts the lie to any claim of being "tolerent" on his part. He's a hater, pure and simple.

Roger said...

Mr. Sullivan has lost his mind and I can't really read him anymore. Too much hate.

I recommend turning him off, for your own mental health. :)