Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just another example of the "New" politics

Obama thinks that the fact that he's running a campaign qualifies him for president. Since that's his argument, it's fair game to examine Obama's campaign-management skills a little more closely than might otherwise be warranted. We already know he can't control his employees. It's also been an open secret that he can't even control his own website. But as we devolve into the mudslinging characteristic of the pre-election frenzy, let's take a look at how "The One" polices his own:

Here we have one of Obama's supporters "GE" creating a community on Obama's official website: "Alaskans Against Palin." Hmm, that seems a little negative for the "new" politics, but fair is fair.

I wonder which part of Alaska "GE" is from?

Athens, GA. Is that near Wasilla?

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