Thursday, February 19, 2009

Self-important faux conservative columnists - They're just like us!

I suppose the only silver lining here is that we all know that Kathleen Parker's byline is going to be about as credible as any other celebrity worshiper at US Weekly.
I was also struck by how lean and fit everyone is. The Obamas are thin people, a sight to behold in the age of obesity.
Complete with creepy uber-fan stalking:
Uninhibited and guileless, they seemed utterly at ease with five strangers— especially, may I say, with the sole female, who just happened to have a little green Ugly Doll hanging from her purple purse, very similar to one spotted several weeks ago on Sasha’s book bag.

The guys may talk football, leaving some women reporters clueless, but guys don’t know jack about the Ugly Doll fashion phenom begun by one Sasha Obama several weeks ago. I wouldn’t call my Ugly Doll “bait” exactly, but I might call it strategy. As a conversation starter, it worked.

Poor Sasha. There will come a time when those little girls realize that almost every new person they meet is just exploiting them. They're going to feel manipulated and betrayed. And in this case, they would be right to think so.