Friday, August 29, 2008

The Coburn-Palin-Jindal Fan Club

That's how I'm thinking of this for right now at least. We need more like them; I'm tired of hearing that conservatism is the sole province of the elderly, heartless, and corrupt. There have to be other people who believe in conservatism as an active force for increasing the good in the world. I wonder whether the old-guard of the party thinks it can be.

I spent my early twenties sliding away from the left. After a lengthy and intimate affair with libertarianism, I've come to see the wisdom of the conservative philosophy. It's probably no coincidence that I also spent that time going to law school and then working as a lawyer. I like evidence, and the evidence I've seen continues to build up in favor of a conservative philosophy as the best means to the end of making a better future for humanity (on both and individual and a societal level). Since the Republicans are the ostensible purveyors of conservatism, I suppose that makes me a Republican.

That doesn't mean I want everything that Republicans have to offer. I'm getting sick of having Trent Lott and Ted Stevens thrown in my face every time I have a political discussion. There's more to this party and better people are coming up. Maybe highlighting the new conservatives and outlining a positive vision for conservative change may make it easier for some people to have a similar change of heart. At the very least, this blog will help to corral the evidence and hone my arguments.

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