Saturday, August 30, 2008

Note to a Liberal: Things Exist

Sometimes, I get into political discussions with my brother, even though he sometimes says things like "commuter rail [the one that requires a sales tax increase and costs $100 million dollars per mile to build] is going to be the greatest thing to happen to poor people EVER." Today he tried to trump an Obama versus Palin discussion with "Who can know what's right and what's wrong?" and "You have no real-world experience, so don't think your 'facts' from 'reality' are going to win this discussion."

Yep, scare quotes for "reality."

At least in his case, I think his Obama vote is an act of willful blindness more than anything else (even though I think it's generally unproductive to assume your opponent is arguing in bad faith). Pretty interesting that the discussion came up within days of seeing for the first time what John C. Wright calls the "Unified Field Theory of Modern Liberalism." Thus he provides more "evidence" from "reality" that this guy's theory is pretty spot on.

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